Google Sheets Integration: Automate spreadsheet editing

Integrate Google Sheets with Marjory and automate your data workflows. Improve efficiency and accuracy in your business processes.

Monitorez votre flux de données

Integrate Google Sheets seamlessly into your processes with just a few clicks, enabling real-time collaboration and automatic synchronization of your spreadsheets.


Monitoring your Google Sheets data flow becomes effortless when you leverage Marjory’s capabilities. With a high level of control and visibility over your Google Sheet integration, make informed decisions and optimize your data management.

Fonctions de l'App


  • Extract Tab From Spreadsheet
  • Delete Rows
  • Update Spreadsheet Row
  • Find Row
  • Add To The Following

Use case: Website performance reporting in Google Sheets

This process streamlines website performance analysis by extracting pertinent data from Google Analytics 4 and syncing it with a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

The procedure entails data extraction from Google Analytics, data preparation for the spreadsheet, and updating the relevant cells in the Google Sheets document.

This method facilitates ongoing website performance assessment, simplifying decision-making for marketing teams or analysts who rely on current data.

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